Why is S. Kelly Photography such a great place to have your senior photos taken? Our seniors will tell you … FUN, UNIQUE, CREATIVE!    We think your senior photos should be a reflection of your personality & who you are at this time in your life. You can bring in as many outfits as you’d like and we encourage you to bring lots of props to personalize your senior photos. Sports Uniforms, Band Instruments, Cars, Tractors, Pets and even your best friend! When you can bring a friend to your senior session, it makes it fun for both of you. You can even get a few photos taken with your friend! Your Senior Photo Day will be a lot like a model shoot! You can be as fun or serious as you want! We have fun poses that we use to guide you through your photos and we always welcome new & creative ideas that you may have. You can choose to have all your photos taken outside in 2-3 different location, this is our most popular senior session because we have a lot of cool places we like to shoot seniors around this area. The Mines of Spain, Eagle Point Park, Downtown Dubuque, The Riverwalk, Galena, your backyard and other super secret locations that we use only for our Seniors. Model Program Do you have what it takes? We are looking for representatives from each area school to showcase our studio. We spend extra time with our models to show a variety of settings and styles. This means you have more images to choose from. It doesn't cost anything to be an ambassador other than an extra time commitment from your for the session and handing out wallets to your friends and families so that when they book earn you a credit towards your own order.