Capturing the essence of a family takes patience, skill and intuition. Every family is different, made up of the sum of their individuals. We take the time to care, to get to know your family before the session. Then we work with you to capture a unique image that “is” your family. We strive to make each family image memorable and fun. We can shoot families in our studio but we often find that it is more accommodating to shoot them outdoors on location or even at your own home. People are more comfortable when they are in a neutral or comfortable setting and when they are relaxed it shows in their portraits. We offer a very relaxed & natural atmosphere for our customers. You will never wait in a line or be rushed during your session. There is always extra time to feed a baby, change a diaper, snuggle a bit or just take a snack break … sometimes for the kids & sometimes for Dad or Mom! Our customers will tell you that our studio “feels like home” and the kids who come here know us by name & soon learn where we hide the toys & treats! There are lots of options for the location of your session. We have a full service studio with numerous backdrops, furniture, props, etc … Or, you may prefer to choose to go on location for your shoot. The Dubuque Tri-State Area has some amazing outdoor places for photos, we travel up to 1 hour away from Dubuque at no charge. Or you may choose to have your photos taken in your own home. A lot of families love this for small children so the photos are more personal in their own bedrooms. We do not charge extra to come to your home for your shoot. For the littlest ones under a year, we like shoot at milestones instead of the traditional 3, 6, 9 and 12 month dates. All children develop at different rates and we want to capture them when they first start smiling, when they like to be on their tummy, when they are sitting up, when they are standing on their own and on their one year birthday. These milestones make up the core of our Tiny Tots Package.