Why should destination weddings have all the exotic photos? I want mine too!
[dropcap4]T[/dropcap4]he day of your wedding slips by and is gone it seems almost before it started. Months of planning boiled down to twelve hours in your dress. Even though you planned time into your day to have portraits with your spouse, your family and your wedding party you just can't fit in some of the shots you have been dreaming of. Some of the images you have in mind aren't practical the day of your wedding, others there weren't enough time for. It is never too late to put your dress back on and have the images you dreamed of. A Date with Your Dress is where we sit down with you to plan out these dream images after your wedding. It doesn't matter if your dress is dirty from the reception or that maybe the lace is torn in a spot or two. We can touch up the small things after the session and we won't tell anyone that we did. Our secret we promise ;). During our sessions we don't purposely do anything to endager your dress or get it dirty beyond what the dry cleaner can clean. If your husband doesn't have a tux or isn't interested in renting one for the session bring him along anyway. We can still craft amazing photos blending the contrast of your formal wear and his casual look. Or, do this as a surprise gift for him. You can be as fun, serious or sexy as you want! Don't think you are too old or that you can't do it because your dress no longer fits perfectly. If you can get most of the way into your dress we can clip the back just like they do in bridal shows. Then as we take your images we will make sure to hide them. You will love that feeling of putting your dress on again and the images we create will remind you how much you love your dress. Your time is now, be bold and get the photographs you will hang on the wall and tell stories about for the rest of your life.