Most brides plan for months for this day. The day when all of the hard work, money, time and emotion come together. Your wedding day!
Our style of wedding photography is what we call the Storybook Experience. We join you for the day to capture the moments, the emotions and the details.
Getting Ready. Our day typically starts early in the morning with the bride and her wedding party at the hair salon where hair spray and mimosas rule. After the brides hair and makeup is done we travel with the bride to where she plans to get dressed. We work in the background to capture the fun and excitement as everyone gets ready. We use this time to also craft artistic images of the rings, veil, dress and other meaningful items special to the day. Images of the bride getting dressed can be some of the most emotional and stunning of the day. We work with you to capture these images at your comfort level never revealing more than you want. Scott and Kris work together as a team but if you are more comfortable without Scott, Kris is there to cover the moment. A Private Moment. The Private Moment is a key part of our day with you. Weddings today do not usually to have enough time after the ceremony and before the reception to capture the images the bride and groom are looking for. The first time you see each other on the wedding day should be private and personal, a special alone time between just you two. We work with you to custom craft a private rendezvous where you can see each other for the first time. This allows you the opportunity to see each other, touch each other and enjoy the moment that you see each other for the first time on the day of your wedding. After spending a few quiet minutes together where we capture candid images we work with you to create stunning images of you together before everyone else arrives. Formal Portraits. While we like to shoot candid and unposed images of your wedding day and your friends and family there celebrating with you there is the need bring the important members of your wedding party and family together for group portraits. We work with you before the wedding to figure out what groupings are important to you and lay out a schedule for when the people involved need to be there. Then on the wedding day we bring these groups together and arrange them in fun, modern or formal sets. The Ceremony. With two photographers we can work two different points of view during your wedding. This allows us to capture interesting and engaging images of the ceremony. Churches and wedding venues have their own rules as to when, where and how photographers can operate during the ceremony. We work closely with the church or venue to make this hassle free for you. The Celebration. After the ceremony it is time for the celebration you have waited all day for. We arrive at the venue before the wedding party and capture the details of the room before you arrive. We stay with you at the reception through the cake cutting, toasts, first dances and garter and bouquet.