Resources Unite

Today we helped raise $2,000 in our certificates for Resources Unite! A BIG thanks to John Jasper for inviting us to be a part of this day! 🙂

Fighting Saint’s Ladies Night Out

Ladies, join me tonight at the Dubuque Fighting Saint's Hockey Game for a Ladies Night Out! I will be giving a COMPLIMENTARY Portrait Session to anyone willing to sign up! So grab a drink, watch some hockey, and sign up for a complimentary session! 🙂

Blue Ribbon Breakfast

Today we were out at the Dubuque Fairgrounds for the annual Blue Ribbon Breakfast. We were donating COMPLIMENTARY portrait sessions with our Studio! 🙂 Blue Ribbon, Breakfast, Dubuque Fairgrounds
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Make a Wish Gala

Make A wish, Dubuque, Benefit

Welcome to the place where wishes are granted.

Make A Wish, Dubuque, Benefit Tonight we were able to meet families with truly amazing stories! I am so excited that we were able to be a part of such an awesome organization and help raise $4,000 for this benefit!!!! <3<3
Make A Wish, Dubuque, Benefit

Our table at the Make A Wish Gala in Dubuque, Iowa

Make A Wish, Dubuque, Benefit Make A Wish, Dubuque, Benefit